Cliff Beats Up Limbaugh

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It’s been too long…I’ve meant to post this video for a while. Cliff went on Paula Zahn last month and in a discussion of hip-hop of all places took his rhetorical cudgel out and gave the drug-addled Rush Limbaugh a whooping.

Be sure to follow Cliff’s regular, text-based, unapologetically liberal, discursive drubbings of the right every day at his personal blog.


The REAL McCain

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Let’s face it: when you’re the presumptive nominee of the party that’s had control of the White House for two terms and pretty much found a way to turn everything the current occupant touched to shit, it’s not surprising that you’re going to end up with a huge bulls-eye on back. And so it goes with John McCain, who must now deal with the highest level of analysis from people who believe, quite rightly, that America cannot afford to have a man like him as our next president.

Filmmaker Robert Greenwald and political strategist qua blogger Cliff Schecter have joined together to launch The REAL McCain. The REAL McCain is an incredible new site that combines a blog authored by Schecter and short films by Greenwald to be a clearinghouse for those wanting an education on who John McCain is and why he needs to be recognized as the fraud that he is.

McCain has one of the most rosy media images of all American political figures. It will take a lot of work to bust the myths about McCain’s centrism and maverick nature, but if anyone can do it, it’s guys like Greenwald and Schecter. I’m sure that they will make the McCain campaign wish that he’d never flipped nor flopped on Iraq, gay marriage, torture, or extremism in American politics.

Check out the first video from Greenwald: “John McCain vs John McCain”

Cliff Has A Book Deal

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Congrats to Cliff for signing his book deal. The subject matter: John McCain. I’m sure McCain is ecstatic about it, though probably not as much as Cliff is.

Cliff on MSNBC: 10/21/06

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Cliff engages in a “very spirited conversation” about the Bush administration’s war “strategy” – which Cliff properly notes is based on talking points, not tactics. He also is sure to tie in Mark Foley when talking about things that could actually scare Iraqis enough to bring peace to the country. It’s pure spitfire, folks.

This video has over 90,000 views.

“Giving a liberal a TV show every now and then wouldn’t be such a bad idea”

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Atrios writes:

At some point one would hope these outlets would recover their moral center and start living up to the standards they claim to, and in part that will require seeing themselves as a counterweight to the bullshit spewed by the right wing propagandists at outlets such as Fox. Not necessarily an ideological counterweight, though giving a liberal a TV show every now and then wouldn’t be such a bad idea, but a factual one. [Emphasis added]

Hey, I know a liberal who should be given a TV show: Cliff Schecter.

Televise Cliff on DailyKos

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Last night I posted a diary on DailyKos about the launching of the Televise Cliff Schecter! campaign. The diary made it to the recommended list and received over 140 comments. The comment thread was home to glowing praise of Cliff, as well as many ideas about a Cliff Schecter TV show. Some popular ones were having Cliff debate right wing pundits like Tucker Carlson and David Brooks, have Cliff do more YouTube videos on his own (though not the easiest thing to ask of a new father), and push MSNBC to put Cliff on the air either before or after Countdown with Keith Olbermann.

I’d also included a poll in the diary, the results of which were truly overwhelming. Clearly there is an audience among liberal blog readers for a TV show hosted by Cliff Schecter.

Televise Cliff Kos Poll 1

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Cliff Responds!

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Cliff has taken note of the Televise Cliff! movement and he’s flattered.

A friend of mine, Matt Browner-Hamlin, who blogs here and here, and is one of the more talented bloggers I have come across, decided to set up a site. It’s called Televise Cliff Schecter. He is putting up a petition and poll to try and get me a tv show.

I honestly had nothing to do with it. He emailed and told me about it, and asked if it was ok. I said sure. Very very cool. I am flattered. Well if that were not enough, he wrote a diary for Daily Kos, and with an assist from my pal Mike Stark and our very own, very awesome Paddy who are like Gods over there, it has been recommended.

I don’t know what to say but thanks everyone. Oh yeah, and one more thing.

Suck ass during SOTU tonight Bush!

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Please take the poll in the sidebar that asks: Would you watch a TV show hosted by Cliff Schecter? I know I would.

You can also take the poll at Lucky Polls.

Televise Cliff Schecter

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Cliff Schecter is one of the most compelling, captivating Democratic figures on TV news stations. His smackdowns of Republican talking heads are the stuff of legend around the liberal blogosphere. He practically owns YouTube.

Cliff deserves to be given his own political news show on cable television. Cliff would be a jolt of electricity to any network and his clarity and conviction would surely garner huge ratings in a news environment starved of serious liberal voices.

Please spread the word. If you know TV execs, demand that they put Cliff on TV.

This site arises out of the tradition of the Draft Clark, Draft Gore, and Draft Obama movements. It is my hope that with enough grassroots pressure, Cliff will be given his own show.

Cliff, Republican Sexologist, On PoliticsTV: 10/6/06

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Really, this man needs his own TV show and fast.

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